by Colie Brice

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Only Love Is Real "Only Love Is Real" was featured on my CHAMELEON album released nationally in 1999 by Song Haus Music/Sumthing Distribution. The song came to me fully formed in the afternoon daylight of the Crazy Wolf Ranch where I lived with my best friends and band mates from Phantom's Opera which had just released FOLLOWING DREAMS internationally. I was 29 and facing severe and difficult major life changes in my relationships, profession, marriage, family etc. I was quite overwhelmed and then one day while contemplating all this, something powerful occurred.. the mood lifted when I experienced what felt like was a spiritual energy I would best describe as Christ like meets John Lennon "gave" me this tune.. a guardian angel? I have no idea.. but the song does continue to resonate with some folks very deeply on an emotional level whenever I perform it.." - Colie Brice 1/12/18