by Colie Brice

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Dogs and Cats "Dogs and Cats" from the album BLUES 2.0 Blues v. 2.0 features some straight up 12 bar blues intermingled with my usual eclectic variety of songs and soundscapes. Some stuff is just the sonic equivalent of scribbling, other songs are hopefully a bit more substantial. Whose perception has the right to say which is which? Anyway.. Thank you so much to all the people who have supported my work. Your support means a great deal to me and I am deeply grateful. Money isn't everything, but it sure as hell is validating when someone patronizes your art. It also helps sustain you emotionally, spiritually and in practical ways. At any rate, here are my personal track descriptions for Blues v. 2.0: YELLOW CADILLAC - This is based upon real life events! This summer my wife bought an old 1987 Cadillac from a "little old lady", etc. Anyway, the car is an ultra chill cruiser, but as you can well imagine, there are a few problems that have come with ownership of a "classic" car :) SMOOTH SAILING - I love sailing and spend as much time as possible aboard my Dad's old Marshall Sanderling. Every Sunday during the Summer, we race with the boys from Lavallette Yacht Club. Quite frankly, we're horrible racers :) We generally come in last owing to any number of well worn excuses, but just once this summer we placed fairly well. Anyway, it was a great joy and very nice to experience it with my Father. "Smooth Sailing" indeed.. RISE AGAIN - Rocky Balboa inspired disco blues.. ONE MORE STEP - Another banal blues rant from yours truly :) WASH IT AWAY FROM ME - A 9-11 tribute of sorts. The song came from my thoughts and feelings concerning those events and the fifth anniversary of the WTC tragedy.. HEART AND SOUL - a rocker cowritten and sung by my ten year old daughter Brianna. She made her Dad quite proud belting out some of these high notes! AMAZING GRACE - a rendition orginally recorded for my podcast Luna Musings - featuring an introduction from the one and only Jersey Todd -the hardest working lawyer in podcasting.. HIGHLAND - one misty day a lone bag piper stood on the shores of the Barnegat Bay and inspired me to create this tune and try to replicate the haunting sound of the bagpipes on guitar.. YOU CAN'T CHANGE CHANGE - Written in the big 80's in a big BON JOVI inspired Slippery When Wet/New Jersey style.. JULY 4, 2006 - Just blowing off a little instrumental steam.. ALONE AGAIN - a melodramatic blues based on the same chord progression as my song "Have You Ever Been Alone?" from the Phantom's Opera album entitled "Following Dreams".. WHY? - an updated version of the song "Why?" from my solo debut New Age Blues.. SICK & TIRED - Yet another banal blues rant from yours truly ;) DOGS & CATS - a funny, live "bring the house down" style 12 bar blues in Am THANKS so much for listening!