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Bellsprout Tower deliberately grainy.

Bellsprout Tower by PlugDeux
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deliberately grainy.
- PlugDeux
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Dephinite  3 years ago
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Dephinite  3 years ago
Dephinite tipped 1 coin on "Bellsprout Tower"
Spaceschneider  3 years ago
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Spaceschneider  3 years ago
Spaceschneider tipped 1 coin on "Bellsprout Tower"
PlugDeux replied  3 years ago
PlugDeux 10 hours ago: I have recently started learning music theory. In an attempt to actively use what I have been learning I created a track I could play the piano on. So it started with my electric Ukulele, then I layered my midi piano with a Harp plugin. After that, I added drums, various percussion, and bitcrush effects to make it sound interesting to me. I’m glad you like it.
Kingdom Kome Cuts  3 years ago
Kingdom Kome Cuts is now following PlugDeux
Kingdom Kome Cuts  3 years ago
Great job! I wonder how did you come up with this track. What's your inspiration?
Flower House  3 years ago
: )
PlugDeux  3 years ago
[New Release] deliberately grainy.
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