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Raindrops Suddenly by Fleursonseaux
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- Fleursonseaux
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Ugochill  2 years ago
Ugochill  2 years ago
Ugochill tipped 10 coins on "Raindrops Suddenly"
Fleursonseaux replied  3 years ago
thank you for your listening impressions :-)
Fleursonseaux replied  3 years ago
many thanks for these nice words
Ken Minty  3 years ago
Ken Minty tipped 5 coins on "Raindrops Suddenly"
Ken Minty  3 years ago
a marvellous piece ... the more I hear it, the more I like it
Monexus  3 years ago
It feels like a slight yet beautiful drizzle, setting into a quiet storm :-)
Sick Shark  3 years ago
Sick Shark is now following Fleursonseaux
Kate  3 years ago
Kate tipped 5 coins on "Raindrops Suddenly"
Fleursonseaux replied  3 years ago
Plus ou moins :) ... I tell you the genesis of my artist name: Fleursonseaux. Fleursonseaux is born from the union of the three french words: Fleurs (Flowers), Sons (Sounds), Eaux (Waters), three things, three environments, which have a special meaning for me. However, the name is also played on the particular assonance it has with "Fleurs sans eaux", which in French is pronounced in a very similar way (only a vowel change), and means: waterless flowers; how to say that it is the sounds, the music, that act as a bridge and give nourishment to the flowers, without that, the flowers ... remain without water ;-)
Fleursonseaux replied  3 years ago
Merci ljatz, pour l'appréciation et pour l'accueil ! Vous êtes attentif et perspicace: juste à cette époque j'écoutais Tiersen le dernier "Porz Goret" (album d'Eusa), le connaissez-vous? :-)
Ijatz  3 years ago
Ah, votre nom est-il une charade, formée de "fleur" (flower), "son" (sound) et "seaux" (buckets) ? :-)
Ijatz  3 years ago
Whaaat a freshness and quality composition, Fleursonseaux ! Á certains moments, j'ai l'impression de savourer un morceau de Yann Tiersen... So glad to have you on our platform!!! I hope you'll have time to participate in our Forum debates :-D
Oleg Patternson  3 years ago
Oleg Patternson is now following Fleursonseaux
Ijatz  3 years ago
Ijatz is now following Fleursonseaux
Ely-L DOLPHIN  3 years ago
Exciting and moving piece, wonderful work!
Ely-L DOLPHIN  3 years ago
Ely-L DOLPHIN tipped 1 coin on "Raindrops Suddenly"
Frank Duna  3 years ago
Frank Duna tipped 2 coins on "Raindrops Suddenly"
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