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HiakoBreak Mix #3 Find this track and other amazing tracks on

HiakoBreak Mix #3 by Dj Hiako
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- Dj Hiako
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Deadly Buda  4 years ago
Deadly Buda is now following Dj Hiako
Deadly Buda  4 years ago
Nice track! Please check out my Musicoin DJ mix, Rock the Blockchain! It's the first blockchain-enabled DJ mix where the artists get paid in seconds! Here's the link:
Deadly Buda  4 years ago
Deadly Buda tipped 5 coins on "HiakoBreak Mix #3"
Serheo Ramos  5 years ago
Serheo Ramos tipped 2 coins on "HiakoBreak Mix #3"
Serheo Ramos  5 years ago
Serheo Ramos tipped 8 coins on "HiakoBreak Mix #3"
TwinXT  5 years ago
TwinXT tipped 1 coin!
DJ J-Scrilla  5 years ago
DJ J-Scrilla sent a tip!
Isaac Mao  5 years ago
Eventually I found I'm lost in too long tracks... :(
CryptoPete  5 years ago
Great track for rocking out to while I'm playing some Path of Exile!
brian byrne  5 years ago
Thanks so much for being on board! very cool track! Nice.
Isaac Mao  5 years ago
it's a great mix, and very Asian style.
danp  5 years ago
Cool. I like the switches at 0:55 and 1:20. Welcome Dj Hiako!
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