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我要快乐 by ooof
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- ooof
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Marcel Helmar  2 months ago
Marcel Helmar is now following ooof
Ely-L DOLPHIN  2 years ago
Ely-L DOLPHIN is now following ooof
Soundphaser  3 years ago
Beautiful voice and melody!
Spidola  3 years ago
It's just a great performance of a cappella! Nice!!
Kingdom Kome Cuts  3 years ago
Kingdom Kome Cuts is now following ooof
Kingdom Kome Cuts  3 years ago
Lovely voice. Though I don't understand Chinese, the song seems so sweet. When will you release your next song?
Flower House  3 years ago
Sweet song!
BuckyDurddle  3 years ago
BuckyDurddle tipped 1 coin on "我要快乐"
uaimperial  3 years ago
uaimperial tipped 5 coins on "我要快乐"
Crypto Musician  3 years ago
Transhumanity tipped 1 coin on "我要快乐"
Deadly Buda  3 years ago
Deadly Buda tipped 1 coin on "我要快乐"
Deadly Buda  3 years ago
Hi! May I use this track in a Musicoin-exclusive dj mix? I am helping develop the Musicoin DJ Mix policy. Currently, dj mixes are proposed to conform to these guidelines: (1) All Musicoin DJ-mixes blockchain must be comprised of tracks with a valid Musicoin address. (2) 40% of Musicoins received by the dj mix goes to the DJ. The remaining 60% is split between the tracks on the mix. (3) All tracks in the mix must be listed in the order they appear. You can read the current proposal at If this is ok with you, please reply with your permission to use the track in this comment thread. If you agree that I may use the track in the new mix, but have other suggestions as to DJ Mix policy, also post them in this thread. Also, if you have other tracks you would allow me to use in a DJ Mix, please bring them to my attention!
Deadly Buda  3 years ago
Deadly Buda is now following ooof
niuQuin  3 years ago
niuQuin tipped 1 coin on "我要快乐"
ooof  3 years ago
包国瑛 Love song
ooof  3 years ago
2017/05/24 江俐奇
yong liu  4 years ago
yong liu tipped 10 coins on "我要快乐"
Yuri  4 years ago
Yuri tipped 1 coin on "我要快乐"
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