by 行文泽 XingWenZe

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旧楼 没有电梯的旧楼; 费尽力气爬几层; 旧房间里喝啤酒; 这种滋味真快活。

旧楼 by 行文泽 XingWenZe
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没有电梯的旧楼; 费尽力气爬几层; 旧房间里喝啤酒; 这种滋味真快活。
- 行文泽 XingWenZe
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Spidola  2 years ago
I do not understand. Nothing. But I like :)
BenadriLL  2 years ago
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KRISG184  2 years ago
:) Cool
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行文泽 XingWenZe  2 years ago
[New Release] 没有电梯的旧楼; 费尽力气爬几层; 旧房间里喝啤酒; 这种滋味真快活。
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